upload photo from file or postman by image address in my drive

I have a schema like this:

const Person = new mongoose.Schema({
  username: {
    type: String,
    required: [true, "Name is a required field"],
    unique: [true, "Another Person with the same name already exists"],
    trim: true
  friends: [
      name: {
        type: String,
        required: [true, "Every friend must have a name"],
        unique: [true, "Another friend with the same name already exists"],
        trim: true
     photo: String,
     favoriteFood: String
  createdAt: {
    type: Date,
    default: Date.now()

I want to add an image for each friend, but I want to upload the photo from something like postman or a seeder file by adding image address in my hard drive in the request. because I have several friends, I have to make each photo specific for each friend. I want to do something like this in postman body or in a file as a seeder to fill database or add data to it.

"username": "aUsername",
"friends": [
     "name": "friend1",
     "photo": "./home/user/photos/photo1.jpg",
     "favoriteFood": "Pizza"
     "name": "friend2",
     "photo": "./home/user/photos/photo2.jpg",
     "favoriteFood": "Sushi"
     "name": "friend3",
     "photo": "./home/user/photos/photo3.jpg",
     "favoriteFood": "Hamburger"

how can I create this feature in the backend?


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