'use strict' not stopping hoisting in function scope

My Problem Lies here I’m learning JavaScript But not new to Programming at all.
I understand hoisting, but with strict mode shouldn’t this produce an error and be caught either when 6 is assigned to undeclared a variable or document.getElement… is assigned x this doesn’t produce an error so my diagnosis is that hoisting is still going on..which i don’t like and want to get rid of with using strict. Using Chrome Version 42.0.2311.152 m as my browser

function strictMode(){
    'use strict';
    try {
        x = 6;
        document.getElementById('hoisting').innerHTML = x;
        var x;
     catch(err) {
                    document.getElementById('error_report').innerHTML = 
                        "There was an error that occured (Were in Strict Mode)" +
                            " " + err.message;

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