using queryselector to get textContent from td tags without class names

I am trying to create a datascraper using node.

Here is a sample html code for an item that I am trying to scrape:

<tr class="cool">
<td>Bob eats shoes <br/><a href="/cool/donkey" title="fluffy" class="stack">[Stack]</a>

Here is some code that I am using to extract:

cars.forEach(carCard=> {
      const carCool = {
        number: carCard.querySelector('?').textContent,
        date: carCard.querySelector('?').textContent,

I was wondering if there was anyway I could get the text of ‘Todd’ and [Stack] using this query selector. I do not know what I would need to put in place of the question marks. If not is there a different method I can use to accomplish this?

Please help.

322 thoughts on “using queryselector to get textContent from td tags without class names”

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