Using RxJs EMPTY in switch statement

I have the encountered a code in a project that I started to maintain. There is a switch block where is some lines return EMPTY in each case as shown below:

update(data) {
        // ...
        catchError((err:any) => {
          switch (err.status) {
            case 400:
              // display message
              return EMPTY;
            case 403
              // display message
              return EMPTY;
            case 500
              // display message
              return EMPTY;
              return EMPTY;
          // return EMPTY; //can I use only this EMPTY instead of above ones?

I am wondering does it make any sense using it as shown above or at the end of switch block? I am new in RxJs and not sure if return EMPTY in each case has special meaning (there is also no break maybe due to return).

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