Vanilla javascript: How to access DOM elements properties through a function parameter?

I am very new to Javascript (to programing in general also). I am trying to make a function that will take in a parameter (the DOM element’s name) to access its DOM properties.

For example, I have multiple DOM elements created beforehand:

const aGatherPlants = document.createElement('p');
aGatherPlants.className = 'gather-plants btn btn-medium btn-dark mrgn-b';
aGatherPlants.appendChild(document.createTextNode(`Plants [${costGatherPlants}]`)); = 'none';

const aGatherWood = document.createElement('p');
aGatherWood.className = 'gather-wood btn btn-medium btn-dark mrgn-b';
aGatherWood.appendChild(document.createTextNode(`Wood [${costGatherWood}]`)); = 'none';

My goal is to access those element’s properties, such as, element.appendChild, element.addEventListeners, etc. in a function.

function functionName(property){ = 'none';


Obviously, it doesn’t work and browser console is logging cannot access property .style of undefined.

I want to make a single function to access all DOM elements created, instead of having to hard code every single one of them.

Can anyone help out a newbie here ? If you need more information, please let me know.

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