Vue notifications array

I have some problems returning an array of notifications.
I have one simple wizard form that works good, and if it’s ok I’m returning success message with Toastification, that looks like so:

                            component: ToastificationContent,
                            props: {
                                title: 'Product Added',
                                icon: 'PlusIcon',
                                variant: 'success',

And this works good. But problem is listing an array of error messages.
My backend returns errors like so:

    "response": false,
    "message": [
        "The sku has already been taken.",
        "The slug has already been taken."

So I need to catch messages and show to the client, so I tried something like this:

.catch(error => {

              , key) {
                                component: ToastificationContent,
                                props: {
                                    title: 'Something bad happened',
                                    text: 'here must be a message from the array. How to catch it?',
                                    icon: 'XIcon',
                                    variant: 'danger',

But every time I tried using this it says like:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘$toast’ of undefined

Any ideas how to resolve that?

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