Vue select value

I have some problems with vue select. I have one function that should return id as value and show text as option, but it’s returning full object of selected value. For example:

I’m mapping selectable options from my backend that returns like:

                "id": 179,
                "name": "Poland",
                "text": "Poland",
                "value": "Poland"
                "id": 100,
                "name": "Hungary",
                "text": "Hungary",
                "value": "Hungary"
            "value": "select_value"

And my vue select looks like:

<v-select id="country" v-model="" :options="activeCountries" :selectable="option => ! option.value.includes('select_value')" label="text" />

and Vue return a full object of selected value, for example


How do I specify in my select form to return only id for, for example:


I know that I’m doing something wrong in v-select, but if you think that it’s the problem somewhere else in the code, I will add more code from my app to resolve the problem.

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