Vue Testing Library – not working

I’m trying to test a element that should call a function deleteTag() when being clicked on, but for some reason doesn’t work no matter what I do. other methods such as fireEvent.input() for inputing text in my input field work perfectly, here my component:

<v-chip data-testid="tagdel"
    v-for='(item, i) in value[field.key]' :key='i'

and the test:

  it('Clicking on the element should remove the tag', async () => {
    const { getByTestId, getByText } = renderWithVuetify(TagComponent, {
      propsData: props

    await fireEvent.update(getByTestId('taginput'), 'some tag name') // this works perfectly fine
    await'tagadd')) // this works perfectly fine
    getByText('some tag name') // this works perfectly fine

    await'tagdel')) // doesn't click for some reason

the first in my test on a different element works perfectly fine. I even tried chaning the <v-chip> element to a <v-btn> but it still didnt work

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