Way to determine checkbox checked in react (useState)

This is my first time to develop a react application. I tried to implement checkboxes in each row of a table and check which of the rows are selected.

I used useState hook to make checked and onChange events, but seems the values are not refreshing when I check then uncheck the checkbox.

I would like to ask how to add a logic to remove the unticked values on the hooks.

Checkbox A- Checked
Checkbox B- Checked
CheckedMap- A,B

Checkbox B- Unchecked
CheckedMap- A,B // Unticked Checkbox B is also stored in CheckedMap

Thank you for your help.

export default function({ infinite }) {
  const [checkedMap, setCheckedMap] = useState(new Map());

const handleCheckedChange = transaction_seq => {
    let modifiedMap = checkedMap;
    modifiedMap.set(transaction_seq, !checkedMap.get(transaction_seq));

const columns = [
      Header: "Transaction(s)",
      className: "left",
      columns: [
          id: "checkbox",
          accessor: "checkbox",
          Cell: ({ row }) => {
            return (
                onChange={() =>

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