what are the minimum steps to deploy slickgrid with node.js?

node v12.20.2
npm v6.14.11

not much in the way of node.js examples out there for slickgrid.

here is what has eventually led me to getting stuck with Uncaught TypeError: myslickgrid is not a function at runtime.

$ npm install slickgrid
$ npm install jquery
$ npm install jquery-ui
var jQuery = require('jquery');

function test() {
    var myslickgrid = require('slickgrid');

    var columns = [
        {id: "column1", name: "Column1", field: "column1"},
        {id: "column2", name: "Column2", field: "column2"}

    var data = [
            column1: "Test1",
            column2: "Test2"

    var options = {
        enableCellNavigation: true,
        enableColumnReorder: false

    myslickgrid("mydiv", data, columns, options);

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