What are the typical reasons Javascript developed on Firefox fails on IE?

I developed some javascript enhanced pages that run fine on recent Firefox and Safari. I missed to check in Internet Explorer, and now I find the pages don’t work on IE 6 and 7 (so far). The scripts are somehow not executed, the pages show as if javascript wasn’t there, although some javascript is executed. I am using own libraries with dom manipulation, from YUI 2 I use YUI-Loader and the XML-Http-Request, and on one page I use “psupload”, which depends on JQuery.

I am installing Microsoft Script Editor from Office XP and will now debug. I will also write specific tests now.

What are the typical failing points of IE? What direction I can keep my eyes open.

I found this page, which shows some differences. visit: Quirksmode

Can you from your experience name some typical things I should look for first?

I will also ask more questions here for specific tasks later, but for now I am interested in your experience why IE usually fails on scripts that run fine in Firefox

Edit: Thank you for all those great answers!

In the meantime I have adapted the whole code so that it also works with Internet Explorer. I integrated jQuery and built my own classes on top of it now. This was my basic mistake, that I did not build all my stuff on jQuery from the beginning. Now I have.

Also JSLint helped me a lot.

And many of the single issues from the different answers helped.

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